After the earthquake in 2011 the original Azumaya and a winter of heavy snow the building was left with structural damage that made us decide to dismantle it. We carefully disassembled the parts, categorized them and set to dream of the moment when we would build a new pavillion.

When the swimming pool was too much for the locals to maintain our attention turned to the pump house, which had been in disuse for over 30 years. Always excited about dismantling buildings, we stripped the cladding and exposed the structure to the bare minimum, with the exception of the roof. We looked at the characteristics of the old Azumaya and studied the mechanisms of opening, pulling in and out, and the furniture and shutters to reinterpret them into the new building, which was roughly 50% of the volume of the previous one.

The new Azumaya opens up in the Summer, all the mobile furniture pulled out, to form a casual dining space outside the school, a direct relationship with the oven and the barbeque. We envisioned it as a small coffee house, or a tea room, to relax and enjoy some good food at the edge of the swimming pool.

The group was divided in five and each wrote a brief for each of the elevations and the floor, the briefs were then passed on, so each group would work on a brief different from the one they wrote.